Wednesday, March 17, 2010

My friend is visiting


A trip to Adams Sweet Shop.  Nothing but chocolate as far as the eye can see.

A little box, containing my selection.

One square of milk chocolate almond bark and one circle pettifore.  Sadly, the circle and square are now gone.

They were lucky they even made it to the parking lot.
The Greatest Taste Around, Negativland
Wonderful One, Page
The Fakir, Cal T. Jader


  1. I have a shop like that a few blocks away. I tend to save it for when I have guests, know. First it's a weekly stop then it's a daily stop then there's no money for bills!

    Thanks for weakening my resolution, ha.

  2. Heh. The thing that's strange is that I usually don't crave chocolate at 'that time of the month'. But this time, it was uncontrollable.

    You are right though. I usually keep away too!