Tuesday, March 16, 2010

More wandering around GCT...

I love books.  I even love looking at the names of books.  Here are a few I saw in Posman's today.  [disclaimer:  All of these pictures were taken -- clandestinely -- with my cell.  Hence the poor lighting and quality.]

A new alphabet book. Perhaps it's meant as an accompaniment for The Poisoner's Handbook.  I also wonder if the publisher meant to have a woman raising her eyebrows on the cover.

I simply cannot resist pretty journals.  I used to be a much more prolific diarist.  Now they all turn into To Do lists.  Such a shame.

I'm similarly attracted to pretty bags.  These have nothing to do with books, but I was surprised that the cell camera focused so well.

The Gospel According to Coco Chanel - [In the same vein, I really liked this book.]
Neverending Melody, Charles Earland
Annihilation, A Perfect Circle
Dry, PJ Harvey

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