Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Make love not trashbag

Check out the Garden Tote bag from our friends at Make Love Not Trash.  All products from MLNT are constructed from natural, eco-aware and non-toxic materials. 

Not enough good karma for ya?  Proceeds from their sales have gone to various charities like Gabrielle's Foundation for Cancer Research and The Alzheimer's Association.
This particular tote has also received the prestigious 'Best of the Best' designation from ebags.com.  

It's roomy, strong and very adorable.   I love the gathers on either side and the stability when you stand it up.  Much more durable -- and MUCH hipper than the Stop n Shop totes! 

Walk Away, Black Sabbath
Song for Alabi, Bliss
WFMU Song, BJ Snowden

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  1. This is a very cute bag. I am thinking of getting it this spring.