Thursday, June 3, 2010

Sameness. Differentness.

In my old stomping grounds...

Same, same, same.  I feel so nostalgic walking from 49th to Lex.  The W is still there, The Waldorf is still there.  One of my favorite diners, still there.  I have a smile on my face.

Over to Madison.  I never get tired of admiring all of the window dressing in the shops.  (I stopped in my tracks and stared at this handbag for a good few minutes.)

I used to work at a gym on 57th and Madison, called Punch.  It was just down the street from the CNBC studios.  Maria Bartiromo used to work out there.  There was a SBUX on the corner, but there was a much better coffee place on the south side of 57th -- called the Juan Valdez Cafe.  Much hipper, with excellent iced coffee.  A Hammacher Schlemmer was on the first floor of the building where the gym was.

All of it is gone.  All of it.  The gym, the Starbucks, Juan Valdez, Hammacher Schlemmer.  All gone.  In just 4 years, all of it is gone.  All of this sameness -- and then DIFFERENTNESS.  My mouth is actually hanging open as I look at these four corners.

I remember having to walk another block up Madison to get the 6.  I always passed Bloomingdales.  Thank goodness, and I can exhale.  After 150 years, Bloomingdales is still here.

Jung, wavelord
O Quanta Qualia, Azam Ali
Absurd, Fluke

After I wrote this, I saw this sign.  Whew, that was close...


  1. I always think there's something disorienting about being old enough to lose one's landmarks!

  2. I never thought about it that way, but you're right! I stopped in my tracks!

  3. I was almost walking with you, reading that post, one day I will get there!

  4. Hey Sher: You should! If you do come, let me know and we can run around together!