Monday, April 12, 2010

Things that make me happy...

...when I am stuck at the airport.

Portland International Airport [PDX] has an exhibit called 'From Junk to Funk' [not a great name IMO].

Appropriate for any runway, here is a dress made from miniblinds. [via Stuck at the Airport]

The layered ruffles of this evening gown are made from coffee filters.  [via Stuck at the Airport]

Probably the coziest wedding dress I have ever seen -- a beautiful, white comforter is used as the skirting material. [via hovering]

You can see these and more fashions through September 2010 in Concourse E.

Gonna Rise and Fly, Greg Hale Jones
Sun Cycle, Blue Cheer
Walk on By, Isaac Hayes


  1. Mini blinds? What ingenuity!

  2. Very late commenting but I keep coming back to ogle these -- LOVE THEM. I actually have a skirt that reminds me a little bit of the coffee filter dress (same colors). Will have to see if you agree if I ever get around to posting it.

    Thanks for the eye candy!