Thursday, April 8, 2010

Drink in the Spring

A few summers ago, a friend (who is an amazing baker) brought this incredible drink to a picnic.  She called it a 'beerista' [pronounced: beer-EE-stuh].  I'm sure we can come up with a better name.

The original recipe was:
  • 2 Coronas
  • 1 can of frozen limeade
  • 1/2 can of vodka
You can't taste the vodka, but it is essential.  Without the vodka, you only have beer and limeade.  With the vodka you have an amazing lime drink with the beer as a spice. 

Pour 1 can of limeade into a large pitcher.
Use the same can to measure vodka.
Add the vodka.
Add beer.
Serve very cold with some nice reading material at sunset.

I've tweaked this recipe a few times.  Some tweaks have worked and some have not.
  • Any style beer will work if it is similar to Corona.  Do not try to use any dark beer.  The result is quite bad.  Any pale lager (e.g., Land Shark) will be fine.  Bell's Two-hearted Pale Ale also work very nicely.
  • I don't like things to be too sweet, so I use from 4 - 6 beers instead of two.  Adjust the vodka to make up for it, but don't use any more than 3/4 of a can.  I have no idea why, but a full can has always screwed up the alchemy for some reason.  (This is what bakers understand that mere mortals do not.)

I leave the pichter in the freezer until the last possible moment before serving.  Once, when I discovered that I had left a batch in the freezer over night, I scooped up some slush with an ice cream scoop, put it in a rocks glass and splashed some vodka over it.  I have no words to express how refreshing this is.  Of course, I can't drink too much.  Well, actually I could.  Very easily.  Vodka really is a wonderful thing.  But I digress...

What are your favorite drinks for summer?  Alcohol or no alcohol?  I'd love to try some new ones!


  1. I'm not much of a drinker and am rather boring when I do drink. But the last few summers have seen me enjoying the maligned-but-now-new-and-improved rosés made from the rich reds I like in the winter: Syrah, Malbec, Grenanche, Pinot Noir, etc.

    I keep meaning to make a rosé-based Sangria but am too lazy...know there are recipes out there!

    For you and your beer-drinking companions, though, one drink that's big out here is a chocolate stout with a scoop of coffee ice cream.

    Sounds disgusting, I know, but I've tasted it and sort of liked it, if one actually enjoys stout, it could be a real winner.

  2. Actually, it sounds very yummy! But it seems like it should be a winter drink, doesn't it? Ice cream notwithstanding...
    One thing I love, that is also much malighned are white or rose wine spritzers.
    Also, if you make iced tea with a very delicate tea, like green jasmine, it can add the winelike atmosphere without the alcohol.
    You should do a post about roses and I'll do one about iced teas!

  3. Good idea! It'll have to feature one bottle at a time unless I can round up some co-drinkers. /boring