Friday, April 23, 2010

Barcelona Wine Bar

New Haven just had its Restaurant Week.  Since I was working there again, I partook of all prix fixe meals for lunch AND dinner.  The cost was so reasonable, it was within my daily meal allowance for work.

[click here for the entire recipe]

The Roasted Olive tapa is olive-y, but with very unexpected bright notes.  Absolutely delicious.  If you are wandering around Yale campus.  Check them out.  They are at 155 Temple Street in the same building as the Omni Hotel.  They are very hip and do not have a sign.  Just look for the wood slats and go in the door.  Yum.

And for the most amazing Riojas, try Cerro Añon 2004 Reserve.  A bottle is ~$19 -- not so bad for a special occasion. 

Ten is the Power by Children Ask
Murder in the Space Station by The Science Fiction Corporation
Morning Sun Flower by Dirty Filthy Mud


  1. Lucky you on scoring so many great meals in such a short time!

    Thanks to my recent olive bread run in (chipped 2 teeth on a wayward pit) I had to give this some extra time before responding, ha! Plus I shamefully admit I was as green as the olives over your expense account intersecting with fabulous prix fixe meals.

    The recipe sounds delicious; I will have to give it a go since I can trust my OWN de-pitting....

  2. Sorry about the obscure 'expense account' reference. I was trying to express that normally I wouldn't be able to afford so many $30 - $40 meals in the space of three days.

    Chipped two teeth! OMG, I'm so sorry. How awful!