Saturday, March 20, 2010

Things in my brain...

...that must come out.

 [via lace&tea]

 March 14th [3.14] was International Pi Day.
Serious Eats and Page 3.14 had a pi pie baking contest.
This one is the winner.

I have never spent so much money on a purse in my whole life.
It was worth it.

Basho and I walked along the waterfront today.
Some kids had a bet to see if Basho was a puppy or not.
When I told them he was 12 y/o, the little girl won $2.

It's a beautiful first day of Spring.


  1. beautiful photo!

  2. I HAD to check out your purse. LOVE IT! Lucky you, plus just tell yourself you're worth it ;D

  3. I sent my sister all of these justifications and she wrote back, "Just get it." Now it's her responsibility to get the Kate Spade bag that she wants!
    p.s. I love this bag. I am traveling with it this moment and it's fabulous.