Thursday, March 4, 2010

Aimless wanderings - New Haven

Back from another week in New Haven.  The weather was better this time and I was able to do some aimless wandering at lunch.  The English Building Market is an antique/vintage shop in the Chapel Street near Yale.  (Get the britishisme [a word I just made up right now]?)

[I'll be bahk.]

Their extensive collection of mid-century glassware makes me think of a candy store for orange juice glass enthusiasts.  If I weren't so squeamish about breaking up a set, I could have bought one glass for each morning of the year.

An old picket fence highlights this christening gown very nicely.

Nitrogen (pt 2 v), Juno Reactor
Ti Ki, Sigur Ros
Death in Silence (Pollution mix), Fun 'da' Mental

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  1. What a beautiful Gown, I had an heirloom one that had been handed down for my children, I much prefer old to new where Christening Gowns are concerned.