Sunday, March 7, 2010

Killing time...

There were three showings of my house today,
so Basho and I had a lot of time to kill.  It was  beautiful
and sunny.  We decided that a walk along the waterfront was just
the thing.  After calling a few friends/family (who didn't have
time to talk), I started taking pictures.

The waterfront in my area is along the Hudson River.
Most of the buildings around the park were built in the late 1800s.
Some have been refurbished and some are waiting to be refurbished.

This is the Children's Museum just behind the park.   The peach color reminds me of the buildings in St. Petersburg, (which I called 'martha stewart buildings' when I was there).

Black paint wearing off a knotty wooden door.

This is the side of the water-processing plant, next to the park.

This glorious pink valve is on the side of an enclosure looking onto the Hudson River  -- taken in the shade.
Santa Massa Chegou!!!, DJ Dolores
There'll Be Another Spring, Dianne Reeves
A Silhouette of Doom, Ennio Morricone


  1. These pictures are very artisitc! Yes it was a nice day today. I'm so glad it's almost Spring! Good luck with selling the house!



  2. Love the pink valve; I admit I have a small problem with stopping to take pictures of old valves and gas meters, but I don't have any as cool as that one so clearly I'm not stopping enough!

    Echoing the "good luck selling" wishes from above....

  3. The pink valve was quite a lucky find! If I wasn't wandering around with the dog, waiting to go back home, I never would have seen it.

    I loooove taking pictures of things like this -- even when I was a little kid. I've NO idea why.

    Thanks for the well wishes!