Tuesday, February 2, 2010

An oasis in a crazy city...

Stepping into Grand Central Terminal can
be a maddening experience.
However -- I do love to visit the Grand Central Market.
Even if there are a thousand briefcases in there,
everything just falls away
and I can enter a quiet place.

A row of yogurts made from local creameries,
a tiny package of nuts, a gourmet candy bar -- these are things
that make me feel good to be alive.
Or perhaps I am too obsessed with food...
In any case, it gives me the fortitude to get on to work.

So in honor of the 'happy place', here are a few pictures of yummy
and unique things from this little oasis in a crazy city.


Click here for detailed pics and reviews from someone with better skills than I.


[Maple Hill Creamery at Murray's Cheese]

  [ca$hew cow zzang bar also at Murray's Cheese]
Bryan Ferry, a small good thing
Toungere, Ali Farka Toure
Immortal Egypt, Hoasam Ramzy

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