Saturday, January 23, 2010

Things in my brain...

...that need to come out.

Honey fromage blanc at Sunday Suppers
Steve Martin's new banjo CD
Brilliance from cakewrecks's article Want Skin Like a Skin Doctor
Going to Babycakes for breakfast (even though it's almost noon)


  1. HI, I just found your blog through Sher's over at fashion after forty. I also read the More article re. the skin dr. and I love the recipe from Sunday Suppers. I saw Ina's but I really like how SS presented it in the sweet little glass jars. I am really enjoying your blog!! I too am an over 40 blogger :)

  2. I love your blog! Of course the first thing I clicked on was your handy man. I'm so glad to find other 'over 40s' who still value fabulousness! BTW, I grew up in Somerset (my mom is in Ringoes now).

  3. I think cake wrecks are always hilarious! Thanks for stopping by my blog this past weekend. And like Bunny, I get More magazine too, but I've yet to get a chance to read this months. I would love some time to soak in the tub and do some catching up on reading ;)

  4. Thanks, Sher! I really *want* More to be a good magazine, but for some reason, I've been disappointed when I get a copy. I'm giving them a 'test run' by subscribing to a few of their feeds on my google homepage. Right now I subscribe to Real Simple and Lucky. I too, would love to get time to soak!