Monday, December 7, 2009

Hotel 17, New York, NY

Another brilliant experience from BF.  He planned everything and I did not have to lift a finger.  He is so sweet!  

On Saturday, we went to a play and stayed overnight instead of jumping right back on the train.  He picked Hotel 17, a few blocks east of Union Square.  This is a quintessential European-style hotel, complete with a teeny tiny lobby and a cute microscopic elevator.  Most of the rooms are shared-bath, but we were unexpectedly 'upgraded' to a room with a private bath.

You don't go to NYC to be in a hotel room, so there are no extras -- just a double bed, nightstand, a chest of drawers and a TV.  It was quiet, clean and we easily adjusted the room temperature to our liking.  I particularly appreciated being able to open the window.  (Too many hotels have you vacuum-sealed in the room -- without molecule of fresh air.)

In the off season, you can get a room for around $90, which will involve a shared bath (two to four rooms to a bath).  Since we stayed during the holiday season, we paid $168.

And that is all I remember about the room.  We walked in, dropped our bags, walked out and returned at whatever hour, then slept.  The next morning we got up and left.  This is the ideal NYC hotel.  I don't remember anything because I was able to sleep comfortably.  The memorable stuff was outside. 

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