Tuesday, October 27, 2009

On this day in travel history

On October 27, 1904, the first underground line of the NYC subway opened to the public.  The picture below is a .gif of the average number of people per car at the West 66th Street station at Lincoln Center on the 1 and 9.  [For a larger pic, click here.]

Celebrate this day in travel history by learning how to fold a newspaper for courteous subway reading:
Subway Origami  [via love and taste] 
Q.  One morning on a crowded New York bus, I watched an elderly gentleman fold The New York Times in a manner I had never seen before. He never brushed the person next to him. It was almost like watching a ballet. Ever since, I have been in search of someone who knew how to fold the paper this way, to no avail. Any advice?

A.  There are many who, like you, lament the decline of what is known as the subway fold.  According to The Times's Newspaper in Education program, the key is to first fold the newspaper vertically, from top to bottom, to create a crease down the middle. If you are reading the front page, fold again horizontally to create a quadrant. Flip and fold as necessary to read each portion of the page.

To jump to an inside page, open the top corner to that page and peel the front half back, so the paper remains folded vertically. If you want to read the center columns, peel back the inside once more, creating two lengthwise portions. Then fold again into four parts.

Keep your elbows close to your body. And stand clear of the closing doors. MICHAEL POLLAK

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